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Budgeting for a Panic Button Solution

We know many like you in the hotel industry are currently building your budget for 2021 to comply with the forthcoming employee safety device/wireless panic buttons mandate.

CENTEGIX offers an innovative and cost-effective wearable solution that is easy to quote and allows extremely flexible payment options.

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Because our CrisisAlert solution has been selected to protect over 110,000 rooms across the country, we understand what's important to hotel operators who want to increase safety and security for their staff. 

Key Features:

Total Property Coverage

Secure every square foot of your property. Badges function everywhere: inside a guest room, stairwells, elevators, and the surrounding property.

Immediate Notification

With the simple push of a button, alerts instantly reach responders.

Location Accuracy

Our innovative technology determines the location of the alert, down to an individual room.

Ease of Installation

On average, a property can be installed in a day. Installation is designed to cover every square foot of your operation, without requiring alterations to physical structures or electrical wiring.


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