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Webinar Hosts


Dean Olds, MEd.

VP of Innovation


Rob Kent

Regional Channel Manager



Understanding the FL DOE Decision on Mobile Panic Alert Systems.

Now that the FL DOE has announced their Alyssa'a Law vendor decisions, districts are moving quickly to determine their next steps for Alyssa's Law compliance. In this webinar, we'll cover: 

  • the benefits of the badge approach 
  • the pitfalls of a mobile phone app only solution 
  • how to meet the Aug 1 deadline
  • how the purchasing process and funding delivery will work 
Thursday, February 25th 2 PM EST Webinar

Watch these videos to learn why Hillsborough County and Martin County have already selected CrisisAlert to protect their districts. 


Why Choose CrisisAlert?

One-Button Activation

Wearable badge with a single button enables confident incident alerting.

Immediate Notification

With the simple push of a button, alerts instantly reach responders.

Total Campus Coverage

Badges allow alerts to be triggered from any corner of campus, whether inside a classroom or outside at the edge of the athletic field.

Location Accuracy

Our innovative technology determines the location of the alert, down to the room-level.

Audio/Visual Notification

Campus-wide alerts communicate emergency information using colored strobe lights, desktop alerts, and intercom integration.




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