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See Why Martin County, FL Chose CrisisAlert

Webinar Hosts

Rob Kent

Regional Channel Manager


Push Button. Help Comes.

CrisisAlert™ enables teachers and staff to initiate an alert and automatically share critical information quickly and reliably from anywhere on the campus, both inside and outside.

Whether you are seeking compliance for Alyssa's Law, or just general information on how to better protect your school, we invite you to learn how CrisisAlert™ is creating safe learning environments for students around the country  by revolutionizing the way that school districts identify and respond to incidents.

Thursday, July22nd 2 PM EST Webinar

Why Choose CrisisAlert?

One-Button Activation

Wearable badge with a single button enables confident incident alerting.

Immediate Notification

With the simple push of a button, alerts instantly reach responders.

Total Campus Coverage

Badges allow alerts to be triggered from any corner of campus, whether inside a classroom or outside at the edge of the athletic field.

Location Accuracy

Our innovative technology determines the location of the alert, down to the room-level.

Audio/Visual Notification

Campus-wide alerts communicate emergency information using colored strobe lights, desktop alerts, and intercom integration.




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