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“We partnered with CrisisAlert to give each and every one of our employees the ability to call for help anytime anywhere when they are on one of our campuses. For a 30-year law enforcement professional, we call that a force multiplier, with this technology in the hands of over 25,000 employees, that gives me 25,000 sets of eyes to help keep the campus safe.”

Chief John Newman
Director of Safety & Security
Hillsborough County Schools

CrisisAlert™ Meets AND Exceeds Alyssa's Law Mandates.

CrisisAlert™ empowers ALL staff members with the ability to initiate an alert and automatically share critical information quickly and reliably from anywhere on a campus, inside or outside the building.

Florida lawmakers have recently passed Alyssa's Law - legislation that would require every school in Florida to install a panic button alarm system. The purpose of these systems is to reduce emergency response times.

At CENTEGIX, we believe that when it comes to improving school safety, simply meeting the requirements isn't enough. Our flagship platform, CrisisAlert™, is an IoT incident alerting solution that not only meets the mandates outlined in Alyssa's Law but exceeds them. CrisisAlert™ empowers all staff members to request assistance and implement lockdown protocols from anywhere. We go well beyond the limitations of legacy communications devices and single-dimensional apps, because in a crisis: Every. Second. Matters.

We invite you to learn how CrisisAlert™ is creating safe learning environments for students around the country (including Hillsborough County Schools) by revolutionizing the way that school districts identify and respond to incidents.

Why Choose CrisisAlert?

One-Button Activation

Wearable badge with a single button enables confident incident alerting.

Immediate Notification

With the simple push of a button, alerts instantly reach responders.

Total Campus Coverage

Badges allow alerts to be triggered from any corner of campus, whether inside a classroom or outside at the edge of the athletic field.

Location Accuracy

Our innovative technology determines the location of the alert, down to the room-level.

Audio/Visual Notification

Campus-wide alerts communicate emergency information using colored strobe lights, desktop alerts, and intercom integration.


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